We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Web and Design (frontend and backend)
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Economy / Accounting
  • Purchasing / Procurement / Logistics
  • Planning
  • HSE / QA
  • Engineering:
  • Mechanical, Structural (dynamical/rigid), Main steel
    • Marine, Cranes, topside engineering
  • Automation, Electro, Instrumentation, HVAC, Telecom
  • Fire & Safety
  • Material/Metallurgy
  • Pumps, flenses, valves
  • Subsea Engineering:
  • SURF (Umbillicals, Risers (flexible/static/rigid), Flowlines)
  • Manifolds, X-Mas trees, Flow assurance, Pipelines
  • Electronics development and design:
  • Hardware electronics, main pcb, components, design, skematics
  • Prototyping, test, certification, serial production
  • Sensors downhole subsea wells
  • Software development:
  • FPGA, Verilog, VHDL, Asic, Assembly, Bare Metal
  • Microcontrolleres, datacommunication
  • C, C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Python, etc
  • Test development and automation, CI/CD, APIs, Agile, SAFe, Scrum
  • Microservices, GitLab, Git, Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Renewable energy: Hydropower/wind power/small hydropower and solar. Automation and control systems for electrical power generation and production. Flow technology, switchgears and distribution systems. Cybernetics, battery technology and digitization. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), power electronic devices, electric power transmission and high voltage subsea cables.
  • Geomatics/Geodesy/GIS: Software development for geomatics and map systems. Automation, visualization and data capture. ArcGIS (ESRI), etc. Python, JavaScript for data import and data conversion. C-languages. Photometry, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and drone2map.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Design and management of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS/SUDS), wastewater disposal and water management. Drainage systems modelling, urban hydrology and hydrological processes, estimating flow volumes, flooding analysis, and river dynamics with GIS. Municipal technology, such as water rinsing technology, water distribution and drainage technology. Hydraulic modelling of networks, systems considerations and system solution sales.

About Vera Claytor:

She holds a cand.polit. (Master degree) in Sociology from the University of Oslo. Since 2006, she has worked with temporary staffing and permanent recruitment within a variety of industries in Norway, Germany, South Korea and the UK, within companies such as Add Persona AS, Siemens AS, Poseidon Consulting Services AS and IKM Consultants AS.

She is an experienced and certified (2006) user of the pre-employment and assessment solutions tool from Aon (Cut-e), psychometric assessment tests verified by DNV-GL.

Is your company looking to hire, or are you looking for a new job? Please contact Vera Claytor, General Manager, at telephone +47 48039086 or email vera.claytor@intervista.no

Intervista AS, P.O. Box 1235 Vika, N-0110 Oslo, Norway. Phone +47 48039086, email: vera.claytor@intervista.no Company no: NO 916 273 630 MVA.